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A sparkling wedding at Castello di Montignano.

“Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life.” Italy is a magnificent dream and when you are here you hope that this dream lasts eternally.

For this reason, some couple chooses to get married in this beautiful land. We do a lot of destination weddings and every time we are so glad to be contacted by couples who choose us. Julie Ann and Stephen come from Ireland but they live in Dubai.

Why did they choose Castello di Montignano as their destination wedding?

Despite the distance, they chose to tie the knot in the stunning venue of Castello di Montignano. It’s so gorgeous and so comfortable for all the guests who come from far. Here they can enjoy relaxing days before the wedding with the bride and groom. Perfect for everyone who has to organize a destination wedding. ¬†In our section about Castello di Montignano, you can find all the information¬†that you want :).

We took a lot of photos for many weddings in this Castle. Maybe our fun can remember about the Irish wedding of Fiona and Cliff. Have a look at it. It was beautiful and fun!!!

Julie Ann was one of the most beautiful brides of the year. She was incredibly bright and so stunning. She wore a super elegant dress for Jenny Pecham. Are you looking for a fitting wedding dress? On Jenny Pecham’s website, you are spoiled for choice. The new collection is superb!!

Julie ann wore in one of the rooms of Castello di Montignano. This castle is a scenic and around it, there are beautiful places and corners to take some photos shooting. We took some in the vineyards close to the Castle.

Our couple looks so beautiful. What could be more Italian than a Bianchina among the greenery of Umbria hills?? They look perfect on it!!

On the way back to the Castle there was an elegant set up of the reception dinner. A lovely atmosphere decorated with flowers and candles under a starry sky. The bride was incredibly bright and beautiful.

The outdoor reception dinner was so magical.

But what is a reception and what is the meaning of this word?

A reception is a celebration that follows the wedding ceremony. Receptions include many rituals and traditions, but they most often include a meal, music, and dancing.

A reception is held as a sort of welcome for those who attended the wedding. In Western culture, up until World War II, wedding celebrations were typically held in the bride’s home and the family’s financial standing dictated the style of the reception.

A wealthier family might host a fancy ball, while a middle-class family might host an afternoon luncheon and tea.

Around the turn of the century dance halls became more popular and the guest lists began to grow, as the bride and groom were no longer limited by the number of people their homes could hold.

In our days, the Italian wedding reception dinners are unforgettable.

Like was in the lovely dinner of Julie Ann and Stephen, the dinner can be designed according to the mood of the entire wedding and reflect the local traditions of the region you are marring in. It starts with a rich aperitif, with finger foods, prosecco and so on. Then the dinner begins.

How sparkling and beautiful was the reception of this couple? Under the light of a blu and romantic night, the spent an enjoyable dinner with everyone.

So… what are you waiting for??? look at our photos and enjoy the Marinas’ video of this sparkling wedding at Castello di Montignano!!!



Photos: Alessandro for @Alessandro Mari Photography

Wedding venue: Castello di Montignano

Flower: Mariana Scolastra

Video: Marina for @Alessandro Mari Photography