Alessandro Mari Photography

Now you will find this inspiration wedding video really cool and wonderful.

On a gorgeous, crisp fall day, with a small group of talented creatives, we lived out our dream. We worked to realize this wedding inspiration in a stunning wedding venue, San Pietro Sopra le Acque Resort. The day was a perfect sunny day and romantic, with a focus on the beautiful colors of autumn. Romina di Sartoria Floreale with beautiful flowers,  prepared a lovely outfitting for this inspiration, making this venue really gorgeous.  Claire wore a fragrant and beautiful crown of autumnal flowers….The day was the perfect source of inspiration for like-minded couples currently planning a small fall wedding. ( For every details read the article ” Boho chic wedding inspiration at San Pietro Sopra le Acque).

That’s why we’re so in love with today’s video, highlighting Claire+ Matthias absolutely beautiful civil ceremony  celebrated by Giuseppe and Diane Rossi of Blessings from Italy. The video below, by Tommaso Scalise, is a great reminder to have a videographer capture the most important highlights of your day. Let’s take a peek…