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Engagement session Abbazia San Galgano.

We are starting this year amazingly, with a lovely engagement session.
It is always gorgeous to come to this stunning region. The Tuscany countryside is a mix of clours and scent. Every road is perfectly combined with the bright colors of the hills. While we were driving toward San Galgano the landscape was like a beautiful painting. Tuscany is truly kaleidoscopic of shapes and colors.

After that, we met  Sabrina and Adam. They come from Australia and before their wedding they decided to take this engagement session in Abbazia di San Galgano(take a look at this inspiring shooting that we did in this abbazia and you can take some tips:).

But why do you need an engagement session!?

Neither you nor your husband is professional models. That’s why it’s important to get a test run before your wedding. With an engagement session, you’ll learn how to be relaxed and feel at ease. Our couple felt comfortable and we too had fun together. This is very important also for us so in this way, we’ll be more confident with you for your wedding day and you more comfortable in front of the camera. The “Knot” gives nice tips to have a marvelous engagement session.

San Galgano Abbey was a good choice. We talked about Abbazia of San Galgano in this preceding article. It’s so mystic this old and roofless monastery. There is also the sword on the stone of the legend of King Arthur … So fascinating.
What about you? have you already decided if you want to take an engagement session and where!? So please, take a look at this engagement session in Abbazia San Galgano and be inspired.



Photos: Alessandro @Alessandro Mari Photography 

Venue: Abbazia San Galgano