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Intimate wedding at Convento Santa Illuminata


How can you have an intimate wedding, to make it charming and fabulous?

In this article, we’ll show you a beautiful and intimate wedding at an outstanding wedding venue.

But first of all, when can we say that a wedding is intimate?

We tend to use the term “intimate wedding” with guests counts between 20 and 75 are generally considered “intimate,” and are different from the elopements because these intimate weddings are more formalized events. If you want to know what are the elopement, look up to our elopement article. 

Anyway, these intimate weddings are easier to organize in comparison with the bigger ones but can still be magnificent events.

Whether you’re planning a week-long destination wedding or simply getting married in the next town over, having all your guests stay together as a group will make the event feel like a no stop celebration. This is possible for a small wedding.

One important thing to have an intimate affair full of emotions with your friends and relatives. is to choose an unusual venue. There are many options to chose from, whether you are looking for a stunning burn, an elegant castle or an old medieval village.

In our blog, in the location section’s, you may see many different options for wedding locations. Maybe you can find the perfect one for you.

Andrea and Ryan chose a lovely and unusual venue: Convento Santa Illuminata. This venue, rich in history, is nestled among the Umbrian hills, nearby the little town of Todi. From Convento Santa Illuminata you can admire the incredible landscape of this region Umbria.

The getting ready of Andrea was in one of Convento Santa Illuminata’s elegant rooms. She was so beautiful with her dress from Vera Wang.

The Vera Wang brand reflects her vision to create a lifestyle that goes beyond care bridal. These are positioned at the highest end of the luxury market. When we saw her with this beautiful wedding gown we were so impressed. She looked so perfect and elegant.

While the light of day had dimmed, the couple had an enchanting moment. The Santa Illuminata venue is so fascinating for its internal court where Andrea and Rayan had their reception dinner. A one long wood table embellished with pinky roses as centerpiece under the magical atmosphere of the night and the lights that bright this moment.

So if you want to have an intimate wedding… This wedding article could inspire you!!

Enjoy the photos!