Alessandro Mari Photography

Emily&Lee wedding at Castello di Rosciano
This life is like a long trip and sometimes we meet people who can stay with us for a while, others for years and maybe only one will stay with us for the rest of our life! This is the person we have chose, the one we fall in love with and is the one that we would like to share  happiness and sadness! We can call it true love and this is what we have enjoyed in the wedding of Emily and Lee.
When we reached their wedding venue, which was the fabulous Castello di Rosciano, we breathed a lovely atmosphere…all the guests were excited and at same time they wanted to enjoy every moments with the couple!
At the beginning we met Emily and she showed to us her bridal gown! Perfect but she was brilliant when she wore it…Lee was so relaxed but full of joy! We catched the moment when his best man  invited him to take a drink in the garden of The Castello of Rosciano with the stunning background of…..
When everything was ready for the ceremony, Emily came down the stairs with her beautiful dress and Lee was there and he looked at her as she was the best thing he has ever seen! Magical…
The couple made their knot outdoor the Castello, in its stunning garden! Was so emotional and we have really noticed true love in the eyes of this cutest!
The day went on with the reception dinner in the garden of the castello! The setting of the imperial tables with adorable pedestal with roses and peonies and candles
were so perfect for this dinner brilliantly well lighted by the sky of lights.
The party was a real party…they danced with the well mixed music of Raffaele Porzi.
Photo: Alessandro&Chantal
Wedding venue: Castello di Rosciano
Dj voice: Raffaele Porzi