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Why should you have an engagement shooting?

 How many times did you hear that it is important to do an engagement shooting or you see the definition of it?

We too we wrote an article to explain the meaning of the engagement session and what involves. The engagement session is a good moment for you to feel more comfortable in front of the camera and it is good for us, as photographers, to know you better.


But what else, Why is so important to have photos of your engagement?

The first important thing is that with an engagement shooting you can have all the photos that you want of you together and this is essential because during the wedding we don’t like “kidnapping” you from your guests. You have to enjoy that day with your friends and relatives. For us, that day, are enough 20 minutes and we can take beautiful portraits of you. But at the engagement session, you can indulge yourselves with many poses, do a lot of photos and choose the place you like most!

What location choose.

So we can help you to choose the best place to have stunning photos. Umbria offers beautiful places and we know this marvellous region as our pockets.

Monica and Alexandre come from Switzerland and they love Italy. For this reason, they wanted to have more photos as possible of themselves. They chose Stroncone, where our studio is, as their setting for the photos. It was gorgeous to take photos when the light of the sunset filtred among the vegetation of this stunning place.

It was so nice spending some times with this lovely couple. We look forward to taking photos of their wedding and see their newborn baby.

Most of the couples ask: “What should be the outfit for an engagement session?

Don’t be obsessed with what to wear, choose clothes that make you feel like what you are but at your best. You can choose to have some cool accessories, like a stylish hat or flowers accessories. Choose your clothes according to the season, so it will be easier to pick the colours of your outfit.

How can you use these photos?

You can print them and create a save the date card fro your approaching wedding or use them as invitations for your celebration. That’s could be a great idea!

You can use them for an engagement photo album that you can show to your friends and relatives. It will be so nice to leaf the pages of your unforgettable “I do” moment.

So these are some of the ways you may use them, there are others way…but the important thing is to save moments like this with stunning photos.

So, what are you waiting for…choose the location with us, your cool outfit and we are ready to take photos of your engagement!

Now enjoy the photos of Monica and Alexander!



Photos: Alessandro Mari Photography