Alessandro Mari Photography

Wedding Castello di Rosciano: Kate and Nomi’s wedding.

Kate and Nomi’s wedding at castello di Rosciano was truly sight to behold. Every time that we have a wedding in Castello di Rosciano we really feel at home… home sweet home!! You may find every informations about this historical and  gorgeous Castle on our blog. Have a look!!l

Kate comes from England and Nomi from Belgium . Mixed couple with different cultures attracts us all the time. We are always inspired by different cultures and we love to incorporate these facets into our photos. This couple combined a muted color palette with natural colors was pitched with the wedding venue.

The set up, prepared by Paolo di Innamorati Pazzi Studio Arte e Fiori, was really romantic combined with a elegant arch. At the entrance, Kate was absolutely stunning!!! She really seems as queen in her royal castle. Her delicacy left everyone breathless. 

The simplicity and the beauty of this wedding ended up with the cake. It was magical and we were really surprised that every guest have sparkled the bride and groom… a lovely atmosphere where the bride and groom enjoyed with all their love.



Photos: Alessandro&Elisa

Wedding venue: Castello di Rosciano

Floral designer: Innamorati Pazzi studio arte e fiori